Integrates production, sales, technology and service

Company Culture

Enterprise Tenet

Enterprise philosophy

Professional and enterprising, perseverance.

Enterprise management

To quality as an ability, to service for survival.

Enterprise spirit

Integrity as the foundation, innovation as the soul, constantly beyond, the pursuit of perfection.

Enterprise goal

To be the most first-class enterprise in the industry, ranked among the top 500.


Entrepreneurship Story

JinLong, the founder of the company, is a loving, enterprising, brave person to break through difficulties, break through the shackles, explore the truth and love life.J.L was born in a poor family. His father was the leader of the production team in the village. In order to bring a better life to the villagers, he often helped the villagers unconditionally, while he silently undertook more work without return.To improve the life, J.L began to do housework for the family when he was young. At the age of 19, he used transportation as a living. Soon, because of his excellent marketing mind, the transportation business became better and better, and he soon earned the first bucket of gold in his life.Because of his excellent marketing mind and strong communication skills, he was appreciated by his brother-in-law, so that he successfully entered a factory operated by his brother-in-law to start sales.In the past few years of work, he has quickly accumulated a vast number of contacts, and created an excellent sales business for the company.

At the proper time, J.L started a factory in the auxiliary material business for steelmaking.In the past few years, the business has grown rapidly every year, and its scale has gradually expanded.In 2005, J.L decided to devote himself to the steel pipe industry, perhaps doomed, perhaps a special liking, J.L has great enthusiasm and strong interest in the steel industry. More than ten years have passed, we always adhere to it, adhering to the spirit of steel craftsmen, and strive to achieve the best quality and service.

In 2015, J.L continued his wireless love of steel pipe to the research and development and manufacturing of bucket teeth. After years of continuous transformation, continuous progress and continuous exploration, the quality of bucket teeth is favored by customers.

For so many years, J.L has been quietly giving back his achievements to the society, donated to the construction of schools for the elderly, sponsored schools, helped students and so on.spare no effort to do many things to help others, care for others and society.He hopes He hopes to use his little love to warm the people around him and the people in need of help, and let people feel that the world is still full of hope and love.